Myreze’s Adaptation to COVID

In march 2020 the world was hit by the Covid-19 Pandemic, and with people around the world trading their office desk for their living room table and moving their projects online, millions have experienced a major shift in the way they work and the part that it plays in their daily lives.

As expected, Covid-19 has affected everyone differently and has presented both positive and negative results with the positives of working from home ranging from saving money that would otherwise be spent on transportation to the positive health effects that come with a less stressful daily routine such as better sleep and less exposure to potentially harmful bacteria via public transportation. This new way of life has however presented negative side effects and while the productivity of many have improved, it has also caused the opposite effect for those heavily affected by the lack of human interaction. For many, being forced to work from home can cause feelings of disconnection. Boundaries can also be difficult to set when separating your work and personal life, with routines at home posing countless distractions and making it difficult to balance working hours. This creates an exhausting cycle where one finds it difficult to ‘turn off’ focus on their work.

The Media Industry

Countless industries have been forced to adapt to the widely-felt sense of uncertainty that has been introduced by the Covid-19 Pandemic, and one of the most interesting industries currently reinventing itself is the media industry.

With the news cycle on overdrive for many months, the media and broadcast industry has been experiencing a boom in online traffic and TV viewership, not least due to the amount of people in isolation. In addition to this, many employees communicate and host meetings via video calling platforms in an effort to communicate whilst staying safe.

In a perfect world these platforms are not not ideal in all circumstances, and an important part of the media landscapes changing technology is developing advanced meeting platforms to be used as a tool to create seamless connections between people and virtual environments to create better engagement and a more effective way to share ideas, explore presentations and connect with one another in a more satisfying way.

Myreze’s Adaptation

To prepare for this change, Myreze created a new simplified presentation platform where clients can rent our cutting edge green screen set for commercials, entertainment programming and conferences: Virtual Productions. These productions can be recorded, produced and edited in a single day for a final result that captures the viewer’s attention in a much more effective way thanks to its flexibility and interactive visual elements.

Here are some of the fantastic projects we’ve been able to create using our small virtual set so far:


During the outbreak, Myreze quickly realised that new sources of revenue needed to be established and looked to the local scene for a collaboration that could shift people’s attention away from daily life, and this was all possible thanks to Bergen’s own Ole Bull Scene. Together, they set out to produce the world’s first ever virtual reality comedy show from the world’s smallest green screen studio and use social media as the platform to promote the show. The content of Lykkeshow revolves around current trends and themes like Tik Tok and humorous group calls, with the host Lykke Kristine Moen and her sidekick Sandra Spjelkavik having fun playing quick-fire question rounds and segments that included creative home-bound skits and musical segments that are sprinkled throughout the 30 minute program and showing what life during quarantine is like for the guests, who included: Grim Fimland, Christoffer Schjelderup and Thomas Sӕvig.

Perkins & Will Conference

Another highlight for the Myreze team was the fantastic opportunity to host a inspirational live streamed conversation between design director of Myreze CEO Bjorn Myreze, Perkins & Will: Yan Krymsky, and the founder & experience strategist for The Collaboratorium: Kathleen Cohen for an inspirational conversation on the future of virtual technology in the work environment and how we can utilise it to the fullest extent.

Virtual Embassy Talk

When Jo Slettbak, Norway’s Consul General in San Francisco, wanted to check in on the latest developments in real time technology, it was the perfect opportunity to preview our virtual capabilities. Using green screens, the long-distance virtual conversation between San Francisco and Bergen spanned a range of topics from why AR’s integration in media is so important to what tools Myreze are able to offer to the public.

7 Questions

Fresh off the launch of Virtual Conferencing, we decided to further explore the possibilities of virtual reality for their own content and so began hosting weekly talk shows with interesting twists. Set in a beautiful virtual studio, the format of the show features a fast paced discussion together with leaders and professionals in multiple industries to find out more about Bergen’s place internationally and the people who have helped make that happen. Inspired by the city of Bergen, our first talk show venture was named Between 7 Mountains, a 10 minute talk show that starts a conversation with Bergen’s biggest success stories who have taken their work into the world stage. Between 7 Mountains is hosted on YouTube and social media sites — the perfect platforms for creating interest and enables the ability for viewers to send in their questions and give feedback on how to better improve the show.


The world is changing fast with traditional forms of communication becoming outdated and being left behind for technologies that can provide a more immersive and connected user experience. Myreze is leading the change into a new virtual era of communication that provides our clients with a platform where communication leaves a memorable impression and creates stronger engagement, as well as using this platform to host a collection of inspiring local entertainment.

Myreze wants to take you on a journey to discover the possibilities within virtual reality, so join us on that journey and stay tuned!

Editor and Music Producer at Myreze.